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Hedge replacement

The customer wanted this macrocarpa hedge replaced because it had become too big and too wide to be manageable.

The challenge here was there are telephone wires running very close to the roots and also there are water pipes in the ground. Bringing in a digger and ripping it all out was not an option.

Each of these stumps had to be loosened by hand and then removed by a tractor. The ground had  to be enriched with lots of compost because macrocarpa take out a lot of goodness from the soil. Once the ground was prepared and had settled I replanted with a yew hedge.

outside mt gambier hedge to be replaced

outside mt gambier yew hedge replacement

Left – prepared area
Right – new yew hedge


Adrian Jameson of Calary Gardens did some work on our garden. His attention to detail, and knowledge of plants was outstanding. It was an excellent result, and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

J Leslie, Luton, UK, 2007

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