Qualified and experienced horticulturist

We, Suzie and Malcolm Murray, have known Adrian Jameson and wife Karen since July 2009 when he came to work with us as our Gardener. Adrian came to us highly recommended as a qualified and experienced horticulturist.

Our garden and our enjoyment of it have benefited from Adrian’s efforts and long term perspectives. We have found Adrian punctual, trustworthy and keen on developing quality relationships with us.

He accepts my special needs and attempts to cater for them without making a fuss. Adrian takes his lead from us in what we want for our garden while allowing his considerable knowledge and experience to come to the four as necessary. Individual plants, shrubs and trees have all benefited from Adrian’s nurturing, feeding and pruning. For example one fruit tree went from a crop of two or three to bearing several dozen fruit this season.

Suzie loves flowers, relaxing in the garden as another room as well as giving cut flowers to friends. This year they are in abundance. Problem solving in the garden is a challenge Adrian likes with his perseverance being appreciated by us. Adrian is the first trained and qualified horticulturist we have had working with us and we are very pleased indeed.

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