House for sale

I was recommended Adrian who firstly removed all the build up of leaves in the gutters of the house, at one of our investment property’s in Mt Gambier and when we decided to sell our house Adrian did an amazing job tidying, re planting and trimming all the trees to assist us presenting the house for sale. I would recommend Adrian as his knowledge and manner made it very easy to achieve the desired outcome.

Thank you Adrian for all your wonderful help.

Ben and Emily Davis, South Australia, 2018

Blooming good job

Lesley & I are very happy to have somebody of Adrian’s experience looking after our large garden. He knows what to do and how to do it. We both agree he’s doing a blooming good job.

Bob Trenery, South Australia, 2018

Talent and passion for gardening

Thank you in making our garden look lovely again. It’s amazing what a good prune and tidy up does. We appreciated all the hard work and time you put in. Our only disappointment is that we didn’t find you sooner. You have a talent and passion for gardening and always give your best, even if you are faced with some challenges. If you ever move to Melbourne, we would love to use your services again. We’ll be recommending your services to all we know.

G McKenzie, South Australia, March 2012

Punctual, reliable and with the highest integrity

I met Karen and Adrian soon after they had “found” and settled in Mount Gambier and since then I have valued their friendship. Adrian helps me with the maintenance of my garden and I am delighted with his work. As he is a skilled landscape gardener I have also used his creative ideas with pleasing results. He works in a professional manner and even when jobs seem mundane he is always cheerful and willing to cope with anything. His manner is courteous and I find him punctual, reliable and with the highest integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one who loves their garden!

Elizabeth Hodges, South Australia, 2011

Extensive knowledge of plants

Through his business, Calary Gardens, we employed Adrian Jameson to assist with the renovation of a large section of our overgrown garden; in the short time since then, the garden has sprung back to life and has never looked better, and is now much easier to maintain.

We found Adrian’s extensive knowledge of plants and his enthusiasm for his work to be quite excellent and his advice to be most valuable. As we still need to re-develop parts of our garden we would continue to use his services at an appropriate time.

Libby and Bob Furner, South Australia, January 2011

Qualified and experienced horticulturist

We, Suzie and Malcolm Murray, have known Adrian Jameson and wife Karen since July 2009 when he came to work with us as our Gardener. Adrian came to us highly recommended as a qualified and experienced horticulturist.

Our garden and our enjoyment of it have benefited from Adrian’s efforts and long term perspectives. We have found Adrian punctual, trustworthy and keen on developing quality relationships with us.

He accepts my special needs and attempts to cater for them without making a fuss. Adrian takes his lead from us in what we want for our garden while allowing his considerable knowledge and experience to come to the four as necessary. Individual plants, shrubs and trees have all benefited from Adrian’s nurturing, feeding and pruning. For example one fruit tree went from a crop of two or three to bearing several dozen fruit this season.

Suzie loves flowers, relaxing in the garden as another room as well as giving cut flowers to friends. This year they are in abundance. Problem solving in the garden is a challenge Adrian likes with his perseverance being appreciated by us. Adrian is the first trained and qualified horticulturist we have had working with us and we are very pleased indeed.

Suzie and Malcolm Murray, South Australia, January 2011

Professional service

Great job. Professional service. Reliable, hard working and reasonable rates.

J Keegan, South Australia, 2009

Excellent result

Adrian Jameson of Calary Gardens did some work on our garden. His attention to detail, and knowledge of plants was outstanding. It was an excellent result, and we cannot recommend him highly enough. He also did landscaping for some friends and they were very happy with the work that was done to the steps and patio that was built around a pond. We know that his character and efficiency will be a guarantee to success in Australia. He will be sadly missed.

J Leslie, Luton, UK, 2007

High standard and everywhere tidy

Adrian has done annual pruning of my fruit trees for a number of years, until he left for Australia. He has also built a pergola for me which I am very pleased with. Adrian has also tidied up overgrown trees and various other gardening jobs. Any gardening job that Adrian does is up to a high standard and he also leaves everywhere tidy afterwards!

D. Bose, Herts, UK 2007

Award winning gardens

Adrian Jameson, has been employed at Chatsworth Court since August 1998, Adrian has cared for the grounds of this building showing great care and professionalism. Adrian’s knowledge is extensive, and that knowledge has been used to great effect in the improvement and upkeep of our award winning gardens. I have always found Adrian to be honest, trustworthy and carries out any task set to the very highest of standard. Adrian’s attendance and time keeping are exemplary and I wish him well in his new life in Australia and in whatever endeavours he takes on.

M. W. Power, London, UK, 2007

Knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic

I have known Adrian Jameson since 1996 when he was employed by Aspen Landscape Designers and Gardeners Limited and worked on the landscaping of my garden in the grounds of Chatsworth Court which is a large mansion block.

He has continued to look after my garden on ad hoc basis. Mrs Deller the previous garden coordinator for the block asked if I could recommend a gardener and Aspen suggested it would be an ideal job for Adrian who was setting up his own business.

He has worked for ten years on the Chatsworth Court garden and has made it very much his own. It now wins prizes and is in much better shape than when he first started. Mrs Deller was delighted when Adrian started as he was knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic – rare qualities in London gardeners. I took over after Mrs Deller’s death and I have found Adrian a pleasure to work with. He quietly gets on with the job and we met regularly to discuss his proposals, progress and any problems. Adrian is competent and self motivating. He also had a good relationship with the other staff and residents in the block and we are all sorry he is leaving.

F. Arkle, London, UK, 2007

Private and commercial clients gardens

Adrian was employed by us from March 1989 until April 1998. His regular everyday tasks included management and maintenance of private and commercial clients gardens. This involved all shrub pruning, the management of lawns, training, planting and weed control.

Mark Harrison, London, UK, 2007

Professional and reliable in every way

Adrian has taken sole care of our two gardens in London for the past 18 years.

During that time he has been unfailingly professional and reliable in every way and maintained the gardens impeccably. Our larger garden is on a plot of one third of an acre and contains a large variety of trees, shrubs and general plants and flowers. He has been responsible for pruning and all seasonal work required including care of lawns.

When we have had building works done he has liaised with the contractors and protected the garden including moving plants and tress to temporary containers. He has similarly drained the pond and saved the plants therein while remedial works were carried out.

He has always been extremely helpful when other contractors are involved and regularly oversaw the tree surgeons on their annual visits to attend to mature larger trees. He has successfully introduced new mature to both gardens.

He has used his initiative in providing us with new plants, while consulting us on our preferences, we have been able to trust his personal taste and judgement implicitly in such matters. He has been instrumental in re-landscaping the gardens over the years and we have been totally satisfied with his work.

As a person Adrian Jameson is of excellent character and I can vouch for his utter trustworthiness and would not hesitate in recommending him.

Mrs Lopez, London, UK, 2007

Thank you

Thank you for all your hard work putting the wall back together. Sterling work! Now looks so much better and Charmaine has had a chance to out the garden back as it was. The plants and even the cat can appreciate it.

David and Charmaine, London, UK, 2003

Honest and extremely hard-working

Adrian is conscientious in all aspects of his work: he is knowledgeable, punctual, reliable, friendly, utterly honest and extremely hard-working. During his employment with me he has been an invaluable contributor and charming garden companion. He will be very much missed.

Mrs Moss, London, UK, 2003

Wide spectrum of gardening skills

I have known Adrian since 1989 and have worked with him in a professional capacity since 1990. During these years we have covered a wide spectrum of gardening skills and opportunities in a variety of gardens, ranging from large country house gardens to small inner city gardens in London. Adrian’s garden construction skills range from fencing, paving, and small wall building which he performs to a very high standard. He has gained practical knowledge of these skills through 12 years of gardening with myself and is an expert in these areas. His knowledge of all aspects of garden maintenance is I believe unparalleled. I do not know anyone who equals Adrian’s standard in this field whether using a lawnmower, pruning shrubs and climbing roses, or tidying overgrown gardens, he excels in this department. He is a great asset to all his clients and is totally reliable, honest and a great pleasure to work with. I wish him the best of luck in the future.

B Phillips, Devon, UK 2002

Very high standard

We hired Adrian Jameson as a skilled gardener from August 2000 until the current time. He gardens for us one every 2 weeks from between 2 and 3 hours. During his employment with us he has undertaken the following: – completely re-landscaped the garden to a very high standard – advises us on various aspects of the garden throughout the year – put in a water irrigation system – fertilises and feeds the plants as and when necessary – regularly cuts the grass – prunes the shrubs seasonally – trained all the climbers i.e wisteria and roses.

K King, London, UK 2002

Hard working and reliable

I have known Adrian Jameson for approximately six years. During that time he has frequently worked for me and with me on projects of a horticultural nature. I have found him to be at all times honest, hard working and reliable, and I therefore have no hesitation in recommending him for any position he may seek.

J W Twomley G.C.H., Dip. Hort., Ireland, 1987

Honest and trustworthy

Adrian Jameson has been my gardener for the past 2 years. During that time he has been a very hard conscientious worker, with an extremely good knowledge of plants and shrubs. He has kept my garden of 1.5 acres in good shape and I recommend him without hesitation. He is completely honest and trustworthy.

P Le Jeune, Ireland, 1987

Full of good ideas

Adrian Jameson’s future will be of much interest to me. He is such a pleasant person to work with, full of good ideas, and not afraid of working hard to achieve the end result, whatever it may be. I wish Adrian well and hope he will find fulfilment in whatever work he undertakes.

E Watson, Ireland, 1987


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