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Knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic

I have known Adrian Jameson since 1996 when he was employed by Aspen Landscape Designers and Gardeners Limited and worked on the landscaping of my garden in the grounds of Chatsworth Court which is a large mansion block.

He has continued to look after my garden on ad hoc basis. Mrs Deller the previous garden coordinator for the block asked if I could recommend a gardener and Aspen suggested it would be an ideal job for Adrian who was setting up his own business.

He has worked for ten years on the Chatsworth Court garden and has made it very much his own. It now wins prizes and is in much better shape than when he first started. Mrs Deller was delighted when Adrian started as he was knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic – rare qualities in London gardeners. I took over after Mrs Deller’s death and I have found Adrian a pleasure to work with. He quietly gets on with the job and we met regularly to discuss his proposals, progress and any problems. Adrian is competent and self motivating. He also had a good relationship with the other staff and residents in the block and we are all sorry he is leaving.

Private and commercial clients gardens

Adrian was employed by us from March 1989 until April 1998. His regular everyday tasks included management and maintenance of private and commercial clients gardens. This involved all shrub pruning, the management of lawns, training, planting and weed control.

Professional and reliable in every way

Adrian has taken sole care of our two gardens in London for the past 18 years.

During that time he has been unfailingly professional and reliable in every way and maintained the gardens impeccably. Our larger garden is on a plot of one third of an acre and contains a large variety of trees, shrubs and general plants and flowers. He has been responsible for pruning and all seasonal work required including care of lawns.

When we have had building works done he has liaised with the contractors and protected the garden including moving plants and tress to temporary containers. He has similarly drained the pond and saved the plants therein while remedial works were carried out.

He has always been extremely helpful when other contractors are involved and regularly oversaw the tree surgeons on their annual visits to attend to mature larger trees. He has successfully introduced new mature to both gardens.

He has used his initiative in providing us with new plants, while consulting us on our preferences, we have been able to trust his personal taste and judgement implicitly in such matters. He has been instrumental in re-landscaping the gardens over the years and we have been totally satisfied with his work.

As a person Adrian Jameson is of excellent character and I can vouch for his utter trustworthiness and would not hesitate in recommending him.

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